This article focuses on whether or not colleges and universities in the United States offer any training in the financial aspects of emergency management. Basically, are emergency managers trained on how to prepare and respond to the financial aspects of disasters?

The author reviewed three hundred and thirteen (313) college and university level training programs in Emergency Management at one hundred and eighty nine (189) institutions. Of those programs only seventy eight (78) offer courses discussing accounting, budgeting, economics, or finance either as a required or restricted elective course. And of those, only nine courses (9) focus on emergency management financial issues. None focus on insurance or agricultural issues. Given this dismal record, the author suggests changes regarding the teaching of emergency management by including courses on the financial aspects of emergency management. The schools, programs and courses evaluated are set forth in the following lists which are summarized in the Journal of Emergency Management article titled “Teaching emergency management students about money: “Without money you ain’t doin bupkis”. The full lists of schools and programs are in the following lists:

Appendix A: Master List of Schools (313 Programs in Emergency Management)

Appendix B: Master List of Course Syllabi (Accounting, Budgeting, Economics, and Finance)

Appendix C. Number of Emergency Management Programs per Institution (189 Institutions with 313 programs)

Appendix D: Master List of AA/AS/AAS Programs and Courses

Appendix E: Master List of BA/BS Emergency Management Programs and Courses

Appendix F: Master List of MA/MA/MPA Emergency Management Programs and Courses

Appendix G: Master List of PhD Emergency Management Programs and Courses